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You’ve been a long time T&Ger. What is your first memory of T&G?

**My first memories would be seeing Wayne and Jeff; Wayne because he was always here and Jeff because he worked a lot. 

Got a favorite T&G memory?

**One favorite memory no one knows about until now is one day I came in to buy a bag of coffee. Jeff told me y’all were out but he said hang on. He went to the back, I heard the grinder crank up then after a few seconds stop.  Around came Jeff with some ground coffee beans from the shop in a plastic cup.  He handed it to me and said ‘enjoy’.  I asked him how much I owed him for it and he just repeated the word ‘enjoy’.  I got the message.  He wanted me to have this to bridge over until the shipment came in.  This happened right before he passed so I kept the cup.  It sits on one of my book shelves to remind me.  

**Another is that Brandon gifted me with my first mug and that’s why I don’t want to get a new one.  I’ll be sad if it breaks so no pressure on anyone!

**Talking to the “old men’s club”.  I value talking to the generation ahead of me.  That would include Mr John, Carney, Steve, and recently I have enjoyed some growing conversations with Mr Jim.

**My favorite friendship I have made here would undoubtedly be with John Atchison.  I still remember the moment we first struck up dialogue and I remember nearly every one since.  

So when you’re in the shop, do you have any favorite discussion topics? 

**I don’t have many favorite discussion topics while I’m at the shop, just God, religion, philosophy, logic, art, science, literature, love, the origin and destiny of man and the universe, etc. Frequently Mr John and I find ourselves pointing to the bananas hanging on the rack at the counter and asking ‘Now what really is a banana and how can we know it?’  
What makes you happy? 

Wow. How do I answer that?  From one angle nothing does but from another angle everything does.  It depends on how you look at it.  It depends on where everything is from and where it is going.  Thus the interests above.  

What do you think makes Tamp n Grind special?
**I’m sure is not exactly knowable as all works of art are not exactly knowable.  But one thing I would suggest towards an answer is it’s the people who come here.  So the more we talk to them the closer we will get to an answer.  I know I’m thankful for it.  

So again, thank you!


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